RGBW Mr. Dimmer
high frequency PWM dimmer with power supply inside


4x4 Individual Open-Drain PWM Outputs

Mr. Dimmer를 사용하면 16 개의 개별 채널 (최대 5A / 채널)을 사용하여 4 개의 RGBW 또는 5 개의 RGB 아날로그 LED 스트립을 제어 할 수 있습니다. 전문 TV 설치의 경우 8/16 비트 색상 채널 정밀도 (255 또는 65535 회색조)를 조절할 수도 있습니다. 고주파 PWM은 카메라/모니터에서 깜박임이 없습니다.

Outputs over practical pluggable terminal blocks with pitch 5mm give you the advantage of fast connecting and disconnecting LED strip.


52 Meters Of Analog LED Strips Without Additional Power Injection

Because the 320 W 24V DC power supply is an inner part of Mr. Dimmer, you can use it for up to 52 meters of Analog LED Strips, 30 LEDs per meter. Please note that the maximal current per each analog output is 13 A.


Status LEDs With A Purpose

Mr. Dimmer 사용시 LED조명 연출을 위해 필요한 정보들을 실시간으로 제공합니다. 

1. Out LEDs let you know that analog signal is running through analog output. In this case, if your analog LED light doesn’t shine, the problem can’t be in power cable, power supply, even in control unit inside of Mr. Dimmer. You know that the problem can be in your RGB LEDs or connection between Mr. Dimmer and your LED strip.

2. Mr. Dimmer Status LEDs – Green LED means I’m on. Flashing Orange LED means I’m receiving DMX signal.

Power Supply Inside

We are offering several kinds of a power supply that can be integrated inside of Mr. Dimmer – 320W 24V, 320W 12V, 200W 24V (fanless), 200W 12V (fanless), another optional power supply on request.

Neutrik powerCON NAC3MPA and NAC3MPB for easy daisy-chaining of several units.


Technical specification of Mr. Dimmer